Lip Balmin’ It!

I am all about easy makeup when the weather starts warming up.  I really don’t want to bother with applying foundation, powder, lipstick and so on– I prefer looking as natural as possible by wearing minimal makeup.  Come Spring,  you will find me either in Central Park or shopping in SoHo wearing just mascara, under eye concealor and some tinted lip balm. Because of my love for tinted lip balm, I have collected quite a large amount of them ranging from high-end brands to drugstore brands.  I wanted to share with you all some of my favorites.. so here we go!

The Body Shop, Born Lippy in Pomegranate Lip Balm- I love The Body Shop, and I purchased this balm on a whim last October.  I love this balm because it glides on smoothly, and doesn’t leave behind a waxy feeling on my lips.  It gives my lips the most beautiful wash of color and the smells like berries. Delish!

(from left to right)The Body Shop, Born Lippy in Pomegranate Lip Balm, Maybelline, Baby Lips in Pink Punch, & Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

Maybelline, Baby Lips in Pink Punch-  I think the general consensus on this balm is overall pretty positive.  This balm is a great medium between  lipstick and balm in the sense that it is very pigmented compared to your average tinted lip balm.  I happen to love this shade because it leaves my lips with the perfect pink shade for any occasion.  If you’re not comfortable rocking bright pink lipstick this spring and summer- try using Pink Punch.

Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart- This product has a cult following and for good reason.  I have tried a bunch of these lip butters and I love them all, but for the sake of this post I’m going to mention my most used one—Sweet Tart. Honestly, I use this balm all year long because it’s just that great.  I love how it leaves your lips with a subtle, but noticeable, pink tint.  It’s also very buildable so if you’re feeling a bit more daring you can add a few extra swipes to achieve that perfect baby pink color.

So there you have it, my favorite tinted lip balms for spring and summer.  What are your favorite lip products for spring and summer—tell us what you’ve been loving by tweeting us at @passtherouge or show us by following us on Instagram at passtherouge.



Product Rave: MAKE’s Silk Cream Lipstick in Hudson Red

Make Silk Cream Lipstick in Hudson Red

Make Silk Cream Lipstick in Hudson Red

This winter we had the great opportunity to sample some of MAKE Cosmetics products! We were given eye shadows, eyeliners, beautiful palettes, and of course, lip products. Amongst these lip products was their Silk Cream Lipstick in Hudson Red. I have many berry-toned lipsticks but for some reason this one was bold yet subtle enough to wear from day to evening.

The staying power is similar to your average high-end lipstick but the color pay-off is out of this world. I noticed from sampling the other MAKE lipsticks that they all are super pigmented and a little goes a long way.  I also want to point out that this lip product will not over dry or settle into the creases of your lips– in a way it acts like a stain leaving behind a beautiful raspberry color. I have spent countless mornings quickly applying this color and running out the door—it’s that easy. Hudson Red is now one of my favorite colors and I look forward to trying out some of their summer colors!

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Birchblogger’s Post: My Hunt for the Perfect Bronzer

Recently we were featured as Birchbox’s Birchbloggers of the Month.  We wanted to share an article we wrote about our favorite bronzer.  If you would like to see the original post just click here!

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 9.18.58 PM

I’ve always admired celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Mila Kunis, and (most of all) Beyoncé—not just because of their impeccable style and show-stopping talents, but because of their seriously glowing skin. Don’t get me wrong—I know these celebs have a “glam squad” of makeup artists and stylists at their beck and call—but I’ve always wanted to achieve their flawless, radiant skin on my own. Thus began my search for the perfect bronzer.

Over the last few months I’ve tried countless brands and variations, ranging from high-end formulas to drugstore finds. While most left me with a subtle glow, none of them gave me the “Beyoncé factor” I craved—that is until (after racking up a decent amount of Birchbox Points—score!) I purchased MAKE’s Solstice Bronzer on a whim. Unlike other bronzers, MAKE’s formula combines four different shades to give my skin a warm, natural glow. I use a giant fluffy brush and apply the product where the sun naturally hits my face—my forehead, cheekbones, and chin. If you’re a fan of contouring, you can achieve a chiseled look by applying the matte shades to the hollows of your cheeks using a small, dense brush.

Effortless to apply,easy to blend, and leaves your skin with a sun-kissed glow? Needless to say, I love it so much I’ve already purchased two backups.

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Pass the Rouge Spring Giveaway

(from left to right) Essie’s The Girls Are Out, Color Club’s Winter Affair, Sephora’s Formula X in Sparkle Bomb, Essie’s Where’s My Chauffeur

April is right around the corner which marks the beginning of SPRING! We are so excited for spring to finally arrive because it seems like winter will never end.  To kick off the new season, we wanted to have a mini giveaway of our favorite nail polishes.  This giveaway will be a bit different as we will be picking TWO winners rather than just one on our main social media channels- Twitter and Instagram.  So here is what you can win:

Twitter Giveaway Prizes: Essie’s The Girls Are Out, and Color Club’s Winter Affair

To Enter on Twitter: You MUST be following us on Twitter. Tweet us #PTRSPRING and tell us why you’re excited for spring! One entry per a twitter handle. Just in case if you needed a reminder our Twitter is @passtherouge.

Instagram Giveaway Prizes: Essie’s Where’s My Chauffeur, and Sephora’s Formula X in Sparkle Bomb

To Enter on Instagram: You must be following us Instagram.  LIKE our giveaway picture, and in the comments section hashtag #PTRSPRING and tell us why you’re excited for spring.  One entry per a Instagram account. Click here to be linked our Instagram account- passtherouge.

While you are only allowed one entry per a social media account, if you tag your friends to enter you will gain extra entries.  For every person you tag to enter, you will gain an extra entry.  You can tag as many friends as you like.

Here are the rest of the terms & conditions:

  • This giveaway will end on April 7th 2014 at 11:59 pm EST.
  • It is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway.
  • We will not accept liabilities for any reactions to this products.
  • If you are under the age of 13, please ask your parent/guardian before you can enter this contest.

So good luck to you all out there, and Happy Spring!


Michelle & Valerie


Product Rave: Pür Mineral’s Château Kisses Plumping Lip Glosses

Top (left to right) Foxy and Lovestruck
Bottom (left to right) Lovestruck and Foxy

Spring is right around the corner—and I don’t know about you but I am SUPER EXCITED! I have been slowly incorporating my favorite springtime makeup trends into my beauty routine. I find that the easiest way to transition your makeup to be more springtime appropriate is by adding a pop of color on your lips and nails.  Currently, I’ve been wearing Pür Mineral’s Château Kisses Plumping Lip Gloss in Foxy and Lovestruck quite often over the last two weeks.

Now, if you are familiar with our blog- then you know that we’re BIG fans of Pür Minerals- so it wasn’t a huge surprise that my sister and I love their glosses.  Unlike traditional lip glosses, these are NOT sticky at all and feel very hydrating on your lips.  Best of all, it has the most wonderful scent of cake batter! I have to say; the color payoff of this product is really great as it give your lips the most beautiful wash of color without looking too shiny.

I find myself wearing the color, Foxy, during the day.   It’s a super versatile coral shade that is perfect for work, school or if you’re headed out to brunch with friends. For an evening look, I wear Lovestruck which a gorgeous mid-tone pink.  This gloss looks great alone, but I love to layer it on top of my  pink lipstick for something extra.

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Note: The product mentioned was gifted to us from Pur Minerals. All the opinions in this post are our own.

Big Announcement: We are Birchbloggers of the Month!

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.44.35 PM

We were given the amazing opportunity to be Birchbox’s Birchbloggers of the Month! Through our Birchbox subscription we have been introduced to so many great products ranging from makeup to skin care to hair care. We are super flattered, and most of all grateful, for this amazing opportunity.  So a huge thank you to Birchbox- we are absolutely thrilled to be featured this month.  Check out our post here! 

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Michelle & Valerie

Pass the Rouge x HSN’s Guide to Matching Your Moisturizer to Your Skin Type

photo (25)We were recently approached by HSN to collaborate on a post all about skincare! If you are familiar with our blog, then you know my sister and I love love love everything and anything related to skincare.  However this isn’t going to be a traditional entry, HSN’s beauty expert, Lara Ramos (she’s also the mastermind behind the beauty blog The Glossarie) has given us some tip and tricks on how to find the perfect moisturizer for your skin type-and I will also be giving you some product recommendations. So let’s jump into it!

For Oily Skin: For those of you out there who are struggling with oily skin, Lara recommends sticking to products that are oil-free. Look for the words “non-comedogenic” on the label of moisturizer—this means your pores won’t feel clogged by the product. I recommend trying Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil Free Lotion, or Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Ultra-Gentle Facial Moisturizer.

For Dry Skin: Having dry skin, especially during the wintertime, can be awful.  Lara recommends a “thick cream that works to moisturize skin more intensely” which tends to hydrate your skin better compared to water-based moisturizers. If your skin falls into this category, I recommend trying Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar, Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre, or Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream.

For Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, Lara recommends using products that are dye and fragrance-free.  Here’s a helpful tip from Lara- use facial moisturizer with aloe to help soothe your sensitive skin. I recommend testing out Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin, CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, or Aveeno Daily Moisturizer.

So there you have it—Pass the Rouge x HSN’s guide to finding the perfect moisturizer based off your skin type.  Want to learn more about your skin type- click here for HSN’s skin care page! We would like to thank HSN and Lara for being part of this blog post.  Check out Lara’s post right here!

As usual, we want to hear from all of YOU! What are some of your favorite moisturizers—we would love to know! Tweet us at @passtherouge and follow us on Instagram at passtherouge.



Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with HSN, and Lara Ramos.

Product Rave: Kérastase Reflection Fluide Chroma Riche

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 10.46.55 PMI put a lot of effort into my skin care routine and invest a pretty big chunk of my paycheck to make sure I get the best products to pamper my skin.  However, my hair care routine has been pushed to the side lines… to be honest, I don’t take the proper time to care for my hair.  Phew, now that I admitted to you all– I feel a bit better!  Well I’ve decided to change my ways and really put the time into my hair care routine.  I did some research on what products are best suited for my hair– which is super thick, straight, dry and color treated- and I have been incorporating them into my daily beauty routine.  So I wanted to share one of the products that I found to be just super duper awesome! Let me introduce you all to– Kérastase Reflection Fluide Chroma Riche.

This hair serum has become a fast favorite of mine because it’s such a versatile product!  The Chroma Riche contains anti-oxidants to protect your hair, provides shine, nourishment, and offers UV protection.  I also happen to think the scent of the serum is phenomenal– it has the most wonderful clean floral scent.

I use this product when my hair is damp, and apply 2-4 pumps towards the ends of my hair.  I work this product into the ends of my hair which really helps to prevent frizz and smooths my hair.  Sometimes I apply one pump into my dry hair if I feel that it needs a little pick me up!

This serum is on the pricer side as it costs $40 a bottle… a little goes a long way so use this product sparingly.  I would love to hear your thoughts on hair serums/oils and if y’all have any favorites. Tweet us at @passtherouge and follow us on Instagram at passtherouge.



Product Rave: Sibu Beauty’s Sea Buckthorn Age Defying Eye Cream

photo 1I am constantly on the look out for quality skincare products– for me I rather splurge on skincare than makeup.  I see skincare as an investment in myself…think of it as preventative care.  While I have my “holy grail” face wash, and moisturizer– I had yet to find an eye cream that I really loved.  I struggle with really dry skin and get awful dry patches all over my face especially under my eyes.  I’ve tried high end products, mid-range products, and drugstore brand product–but alas I never found that single product that “wow-ed” me.

A few weeks ago the wonderful people at Sibu Beauty sent us their Sea Buckthorn Age Defying Eye Cream to test and review.  This anti-aging eye cream claims to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.  What makes this eye cream so unique is that it has a range of all natural ingredients that work together to hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes such as pumpkin seed extract to help reduce the appearance of dark circles and wasabi and sea buckthorn seed oil firms skin and minimizes puffiness.  So now that’s some information about the product…let’s jump into the review!

I have been using this eye cream for the last three weeks or so–and I have to say  my under eye area has never felt better! Those dry patches I mentioned earlier are now totally gone! The product goes on smoothly, and doesn’t leave behind that dreaded sticky residue that some eye creams have.  While the product claims to reduce dark circles, I didn’t notice mine getting any lighter- but I did notice that my eye area was less puffy.

All in all, I do recommend this eye cream from Sibu- I think it is an effective product and the price tag is very reasonable at $24.95  (compared to other brands.) We would love to hear your thoughts on eye creams and if y’all have any favorites. Tweet us at @passtherouge and follow us on Instagram at passtherouge.



Product Rave: Shea Terra Organics’ Shea N Bees Extreme Lip Butter in Menthe Chocolate

photo (22)It’s so important to hydrate your skin especially during wintertime and with that being said- you can’t forget about your lips! I have tried countless lip balms from countless brands…while I have found some I really do love like Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment– it can get expensive repurchasing this product.  However recently, I tried Shea Terra Organics’ Shea N Bees Extreme Lip Butter in Menthe Chocolate, and I loved how this lip balm made my lips feel.

Before I jump into the review, I want to tell you a little about the mission behind this brand.  Since early 2000, Shea Terra Organics has worked closely with cooperatives and conservation groups to introduce Africa’s time-tested ingredients worldwide.  This lead them to work with curators of natural products from third world countries with the goal to help alleviate poverty while preserving diminishing habitats. I happen to love brands that have a powerful underlying vision- so I instantly fell in love with Shea Terra Organics.

Now this balm is not standard size as it is significantly larger- it reminds me a bit of an Elmer’s glue stick.  I found the shea butter to be ultra moisturizing, smoothing, and most of all- healing.  I get the worst dry lips that often end up peeling but after a few applications of this balm I felt a huge difference.  I have been using this product for about two weeks and I can honestly say that this balm has made a huge difference in how my lips feel and look! I also love to use this balm underneath my favorite lipstick!

I found the scent to be really refreshing, and not overwhelming. The scent lingered for a few minutes on my lips but then faded.  I also found the packaging to be really interesting as the tube is made from cardboard. I know, it’s pretty awesome how environmentally conscious this brand is!?!

So do I recommend Shea Terra Organics Lip Butter? HECK YES! It’s a great product to throw into your purse or makeup bag, and the message behind the brand is equally as impressive as their products!  We hope to try more products from this brand.

Has anyone else used this product? I would love to hear your thoughts!  Tweet us at @passtherouge and follow us on Instagram at passtherouge.



Note: The product mentioned was gifted to us from Shea Terra Organics. All the opinions in this post are our own.

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